Full Fellowships Awarded

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program in Linguistics are generally offered financial support in the form of a full fellowship. This fellowship includes:

  • tuition waiver
  • cash stipend for living expenses

Contingent on satisfactory progress toward the degree, fellowships are generally renewed annually for a total of five years of funding, or until you finish the degree, whichever comes first. Consult your official admissions offer letter for full details.

Working Outside the Department

If you find that you need to supplement your stipend by seeking employment outside the department, you must get approval from the department chair, the graduate adviser, and the Rice Office of Graduate Studies before accepting employment.

As explained on pages 78-79 of the Rice General Announcements: "Students receiving stipends from fellowships or assistantships may not accept any regular paid employment on or off campus without the explicit permission of the department. Full-time students, whether receiving stipend support or not, may not accept paid employment in excess of 20 hours per week."

External Funding

If after some years of study you anticipate that you will need to continue working on your degree past the time when your fellowship will expire, you will need to apply outside the department for grant funding or other sources of financial aid, or rely on your own financial resources to finish your degree.

Recent students have successfully received grants from the National Science Foundation, the Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance, and the Rice Vaughan Fellowship award program. (For some grants which are awarded on a competitive basis, the student must be nominated by the department.) For information about other sources of financial aid such as student loans and grants, visit the Rice Office of Student Financial Aid Web site.

Summer Research Funding

In addition to the regular graduate fellowships, for the past several years the department has also offered summer research funding. This funding has allowed graduate students to undertake a variety of projects during the summer when classes are not in session:

  • to conduct fieldwork
  • to work on publishable papers and/or the dissertation prospectus
  • to give talks at international conferences

Summer research funding is competitive, and we generally seek proposals early in the Spring Semester. Your proposal needs to be approved by your faculty mentor (or the graduate adviser) as well as the department chair.

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