Department Orientation

During the week before classes begin in Fall Semester (generally in late August), both the university and the Linguistics Department hold orientation sessions for newly-admitted graduate students. If you are a new student, it is important that you attend these meetings. Please be sure to keep Rita Riley, the department coordinator, at, informed about your summer e-mail address and contact information, so that she can let you know of the dates and times of these events. In addition to the university and department orientation sessions, you should also meet during this week with the graduate advisor, Dr. Robert Englebretson, at, to plan your course of study for the semester.

For an overview of department requirements, be sure to thoroughly read the requirements section of this web page, as well as the relevant sections of the Rice General Announcements for the year in which you enter the program.

You should also familiarize yourself with Rice University Policy Memorandum 501-01, as well as the policies section of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies web page.

For everything else that you could possibly want to know about graduate study at Rice, check out the Rice Office Graduate & Postdoctoral homepage, which contains numerous important links, including:

  • graduate student news
  • information on funding
  • student life
  • graduate admissions information
  • university policies and guidelines
  • information for international students

And, finally, if you are looking for relevant and interesting summer reading before you start the program, you can't go wrong with any of the books listed on the department's Recommended Reading List.

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